About Us

We, as the Ege Gusto family, have been in the agricultural sector for 6 generations, but we are progressing by improving ourselves in this sector. Our mission is to introduce ourselves in the world by developing the developing agricultural sector as our generations do and to show the development of Turkey in the agricultural sector. Within the scope of our mission, we have entered the canning sector in 2019 and in 2022, Manisa Turgutlu, one of the most productive regions of Turkey, has passed to our new factory which produces in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and the European Union standards. All of our products in our factory are produced in high quality and hygiene standards and capture the flavor. Our basic production is based on roasted eggplant and pepper, as well as organic and conventional vine leaves, organic and conventional leaf wrapping, pickles and various sauce production. In short, Ege Gusto means quality, trust, hygiene and flavor.